Logopharm offers a variety of proteomic and mass spectrometry services on a fee-for-service basis, as part of collaborative development projects or licensed technology transfers.

Proteome analysis of biological samples, membranes and micro-domains

Source material (any type of native tissue, cell or fluid) may be provided by the customer or prepared by LOGOPHARM. Comprehensive analysis typically requires mg amounts of sample. When desired, analysis can be focused on selected proteins or protein families. Mass spectrometry data can be subjected to quantitative analysis retroactively.

Characterization of (membrane) protein complexes and signalling pathways

Protein complexes or interaction networks are isolated from native source material and analyzed by mass spectrometry. Proteomic follow-up of partner proteins in combination with other verification experiments finally reveals the pathways and protein interactions underlying signal transduction and other cellular physiological processes.

Functional annotation of unknown proteins and target identification

Ligands or antibodies can be used to directly purify their target proteins from selected tissues. This is not only a useful approach to identify pharmacological receptors but also to check for cross-reactivity or tissue specificity of these ligands. Furthermore, target-associated proteins may reveal novel functions, potential side effects or new sites for pharmacological intervention.

Advanced mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is one of the fastest developing areas in life science and has revolutionized protein research as well as target and biomarker research. Using the most advanced hardware, we offer comprehensive protein sequencing (LC-MS/MS), highly sensitive protein identification, detailed characterization in terms of post-translational modifications and splice variations, as well as label-free relative quantification and absolute protein quantification with peptide standards.

Antibody profiling

Antibodies are indispensable tools in research and clinical applications. However, the majority shows unanticipated and unwanted side effects like cross reactivity with unrelated proteins, population selectivity or target complex disruption. Using an unbiased approach with native samples and quantitative mass spectrometric readout on our PMAP (parallel micro-affinity purification) platform, we can rapidly profile selectivity, efficiency and specificity of a large number of antibodies.