ComplexioLytes are optimized ready-to-use buffers for solubilisation of membrane proteins and protein complexes successfully applied in affinity purifications, native gel electrophoresis and denaturing FFE. Target protein examples comprise >100 channel, >20 receptor (including GPCRs) and several transporter target proteins, as well as many membrane-associated proteins. Source materials include membrane preparations from culture cells, immune/blood cells, tissues from the central and peripheral nervous system, muscle (bladder, heart, skeletal), kidney, liver, Xenopus oocytes, mitochondria and "lipid rafts".

Please note that ComplexioLyte buffers - as all other materials offered by Logopharm - are strictly for in vitro R&D use only, not for animal studies, drug, household, or other uses.

Testing assays

  • Ultracentrifugation separation and western blot analysis for determining relative solubilisation efficiency.
  • 2D gel electrophoretic separation (native PAGE/SDS-PAGE) of solubilisates revealing target complex size distribution and integrity of reference complexes.
  • Affinity purification coupled with LC-MS/MS analysis to confirm preservation of known associating partner proteins (positive controls).


ComplexioLytes contain salts, pH buffer, detergents and certain additives (all high quality grade chemicals) depending on the projected applications. Solutions have been filtered (0.2 μm) and frozen in liquid nitrogen (-20°C for longer term storage) in aliquots of 10 ml. Each buffer may be complemented by a corresponding dilution and/or washing solution (add the extension "d" to the order number). Protease or phosphatase inhibitors and chelators have to be supplemented as required.


Buffers for specific applications can be ordered by fax or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A list of available detergent buffers and their potential applications is shown below. Order numbers are composed as follows:

CL - ComplexioLyte number - number of aliquots extension

Example: CL-48-01d = 1 x 10 ml of ComplexioLyte 48 with dilution solution.

ComplexioLyte No.ApplicationProperties
1-10, 19-33
native PAGE, native IEF, (affinity purification, binding assays) low conductivity, low ionic strength
11-18, 34-46, 180-184
native PAGE, native IEF, (affinity purification, native FFE, binding assays) low conductivity, medium ionic strength
47-49, 51-52, 55-79, 140-144
fractionation, affinity purification, binding assays, (native PAGE) physiological ionic strength
80-99, 120-139
fractionation, affinity purification, binding assays, (native PAGE) high ionic strength
50, 53-54, 100-119
fractionation, (affinity purification, binding assays, native PAGE) very high ionic strength
denaturing PAGE, denaturing IEF (FFE), denaturing fractionation low conductivity, strongly denaturing (chaotropic)


Shipping and handling costs for a standard package of up to 1 kg of products and 3-4 kg dry ice (if applicable):
Destination Without Dry Ice With Dry Ice
Germany 20 EUR 40 EUR
Europe and Israel 50 EUR 100 EUR
USA / rest of the world 80 EUR 200 EUR

Regular quantities (10-100 ml) are shipped within 5-10 working days through FEDEX.