As part of our proteomic studies and research collaborations, we have generated and thoroughly characterized a number of antibodies against membrane proteins and associated partners. A selected set – mostly affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies – will soon become commercially available by the end of 2008. Our antibodies are unique with respect to their quality and level of validation: specified applications like Westernblots, immunohistochemistry and affinity purification have been tested using native source-derived sample specimens, stringent controls including knockout samples or independent antibodies and quantitative mass spectrometry.
To meet the increasing needs in bioinformatic processing of mass spectrometry data and to make full use of our proteomic capabilities, the company has decided to focus R&D efforts on development of novel tools for quantification and database integration. The new quantification software shall overcome current limitations of available tools and deliver reliable label-free protein quantification with high sensitivity and over a broad dynamic range. In a first step, it is planned to build a stand-alone version for evaluation of LC-MS/MS data from linear ion trap instruments. It will subsequently be developed into a commercial product and used to build up a proprietary membrane protein interaction database.
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