Dr. Uwe Schulte

Founder and CEO/CSO of LOGOPHARM GmbH

Biochemist (University of Tübingen, Germany, and UC Riverside, USA)

Research topics: biochemical and functional characterization of ion channels and GPCRs (focus on pain and CNS disorders); development of methods for biochemical characterization and mass spectrometric analysis of membrane proteins and protein-ligand interactions; protein quantification techniques, antibody profiling, analysis of protein networks.

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Prof. Dr. Bernd Fakler:

Co-founder and scientific advisor of LOGOPHARM GmbH

Physiologist (University of Ulm, Germany), Professor for Physiology (Institute of  Physiology II, University of  Freiburg, and BIOSS (Center for Biological Signaling Studies)), Freiburg, Germany

Research topics: structural and functional analysis of K+ channels, characterization of protein-protein interactions in ion channel function, functional proteomics of Ca2+-signaling networks, modulation of ion channels by GPCRs.

Josef Hausner

Co-founder, financial and strategic advisor of LOGOPHARM GmbH

Diplom-Kaufmann (University of Regensburg, Germany), certified accountant and tax advisor

Activities: financial management, trade sales, marketing and business development; head and founder of KeyVest GmbH, March-Buchheim, Freiburg (innovative cosmetic products, management of pharmacological development projects).